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We are happy to announce our newest project, Midgard Serpent! The great monsters of Norse Mythology are always intriguing and we wanted to make a game for you, centered around the big outcast snake, son of Loki and Angrboda, Jormungandr. It translates to something like mighty monster and in this new game, you will help little baby Jormungandr grow into his full horrifying size, reaching all the way around earth. The game is going to take elements from the classic game, Snake, but we are going to let you travel through his story in different levels, giving it that Norse mythology flair. There is a lot of ideas on the table for the game right now, and we have only just begun testing some key functions. With no graphic, no music, nothing but bare mechanics. But that will all change in the coming months, where we will show some scene shots from the game and small video of the game play. Hope you will enjoy it, and follow us either here or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. See you soon for more updates

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  1. Linda R

    So exciting. Looking forward for trying it out 😊

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