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Update of A Rune a Day Keeps Destiny at Bay

It is here! We Updated the first mini-game for North Myth. It is called A Rune a Day Keeps Destiny at Bay and it is a furtune-telling game.

Basically it’s the the old norse version of Zodiac signs in astrology just with runes instead of stars. A divination is probably the best word for it.

Our game is based on ancient alphabet, the Elder Futhark. If you are curios about how rune casting was performed originally then look out for upcoming video: How to Cast Runes.

We are not experts on runes, but we love the idea of a mysterious destiny and the possibility of getting a glimpse of it. The game is meant to be fun, short and light and maybe peak your interest so that you will go study these exiting tools of pagan magic.

Find it Here And see what it will tell you about your fortune.

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