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Why Create a Game of Ancient Runes?

Runes are a great example of the mystery and almost foreign worldview of the old Norse and of the myths that Northmyth would love to make come alive through games and stories on this site. We approach these myths quite differently, but cofounder, Cecilie, has been casting and reading about the runes for almost 10 years, and it felt very natural to begin our North Myth gaming journey with this particular mythical magic.

The runes are a tool for knowing your potential destiny so that a person might navigate their life, either to change your course or to stick to it (more on that subject next week). Most people today reject the idea of destiny but it is a powerful factor in Norse mythology and reminds us of the art of astrology that many still like to look at today.

The things is, it’s been done before. You can buy apps similar to our mini rune game, letting you choose the rune of the day, but they all have one thing in common; drawing your rune, you usually get a long and almost scholarly text on the general aspects of the rune, its many associations and possible interpretations. This is obviously, so that the people using the app can themselves learn to cast the runes and this is commendable. But Northmyth is all about experiencing the myths and therefore we wanted a game where you felt like you went to a völva and actually got a runic divination rather than feeling like you are a student of runes. In our game you get a simple reading, a small prophecy.

Hopefully we can develop the game even further giving you a better feeling of mystery and magic and that way lead you on to reading about the runes in places or books from great experts that know even more than we do on the subject or even look up a modern runecaster that can give you a real personal reading. Look out for future posts, where we make recommendations on where to look if you want to learn more about the runes of old.

Try our mini rune game here:

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