about Northmyth

about Northmyth

This site is about North myths and Norse mythology.

Over time you will find things related to North myths. We are going to talk about Runes, rune magic and how it fits into the Norse mythology. We already made a little rune game see it Here. More games will come over time.

We plan to write and discuss the beasts of northern myths and Norse mythology. Their names and some description of who they are and where they fit in. We are gonna find some cool and fun pictures to fit the posts.

We are going to find weapons of the old myths both normal ones and also the ones with magical or exceptional powers. All this great content will be shared on our facebook twitter and Instagram and is gonna be a good mix of blog posts, fun images, videos, books, games and all we can think of.

The Journey begins at www.northmyth.com

serpent with thorshammer by northmyth about